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Club Haug | Daniel-Ryan Spaulding

Daniel-Ryan Spaulding returns to the Netherlands for his first show in 2023 and a lot has changed since he was last here!
He quit drinking, quit smoking, had weight loss surgery, and lost over 75kg / 165lbs... but don't worry, he's still a Total Bitch... with a Heart of Gold! He's bringing non-stop POWER GAY energy with new stories, new material, new experiences from one of Europe's favourite comedians!
In 2014 Daniël released a video on YouTube, titled “If Gay Guys Said the Stuff Straight People Say…” By now, this video has hit more than 2 million views.
You may know him from his hit video series "It's Berlin!" and "Popular in de Nederlands" now it's time to catch him live in action with his sassy, ironic, brutally hilarious one man stand-up comedy show -- that is always a sell-out! From the dark rooms of Berlin to the circuit parties of Tel Aviv - there's no stopping this comedy powerhouse from his cheeky misadventures!

Additional Info

  • Locatie: Comedy Club Haug
  • Datum: vrijdag, 31 maart 2023
  • Tijd: 18:30u
  • Bereikbaarheid: Boompjeskade 11
  • Leuk om te weten:
    read more in this interview in MYP-Magazine
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