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Feeling hot? by Nappy at Pexels.com

When the heat turns up, why bother wearing pants or even clothes for that matter. Whether you’re sticking to light clothing or if you’re feeling brave and don't want wear clothes at all, here's a small list of places to keep in mind when things get too hot to handle.

Go for a swim!

On hot days when the thermometer doesn't show signs of going down, there are few things as refreshing as taking a cool dip in a swimming pool. Whether you’re wanting outdoor surroundings or you prefer something with a little more character, the next three swimming spots are perfect for beating the heat. 

Van Maanenbad  – Van Maanenbad, also known as Sportfunds Rotterdam Noord, is a unique outdoor swimming pool located in Noord. It is perhaps one of the city’s most famous swimming pools situated in the middle Rotterdam’s hustle and bustle. It is a hidden oasis where you can not only go for a refreshing swim, but can lounge under the sun to enjoy a good book. Click here for more information on this pool’s hours, services and fees.        

Oostelijk Zwembad – Located in the east of Rotterdam, Oostelijk Zwembad boasts the most character in this short list. Founded in 1932, it is the oldest swimming pool in the city. While preserving its authentic and historic accents, this pool has done a marvelous job in keeping up to date with the modern necessities of todays swimming pools. If that wasn’t enough, this swimming pool offers many activities ranging from swimming lessons to various Aqua sports. It even has a small cafe for that needed smoothie or iced late. Click here for more information on this pool’s hours, services and fees.           

Recreatiecentrum Oostervant – If you’re looking for situated in the west of the city, look no further than Recreatiecentrum Oostervant. It’s the perfect alternative that is centrally located if the heat is too far for your to bear. Click here for more information on this pool’s hours, services and fees.

Get naked!

Not meant for shy people the next two places are for those wanting to bare it all. (Pun intended.)           

Hoek van Holland is Rotterdam’s perfect get away when pants and clothes become too heavy to wear. It’s Rotterdam’s closest gay/nude beach. Young and old, this beach welcomes all wishing to feel the freedom of not wearing clothes and relaxing on the beach.

For the equally adventurous and not so mobile, Kralingse Plas, better known as Naaktstrand Rotterdam, is another destination. Leave behind the reputation of it of being a seedy affair and let it all it hang out. Accessible and not well known, this modest beach proves to be a hit with the not-so-fussy locals. Give ‘em a nod and a wink for us. 


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