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Festival Latino Americano Rotterdam

by Teun Botterweg

This festival started in the early nineties in Rotterdam as a film/literature festival. Later it moved to Utrecht, where it was organised for 17 years in a row, and ended some 5 years ago. Now it returns to Rotterdam. We investigated what the festival is about and it appeared that not only it will be a nice and lively event but it will also have a 'gay edge'.

The venue
The FLAR - as the festivals' acronym is - Wil take place at the art cinema house LantarenVenster during the period 17 - 21 August. It will be a very lively event that fits very well into this cinema, having five screens and a pleasant large lobby with bar and restaurant, which is absolutely suitable for music performances and dancing by the public. In addition, one of the larger halls was designed and fitted to accommodate music/dance performances.

The theme
As a new film and music event, the theme chosen is: 'music in the film'. This is the main theme of the programme and also the theme of the opening performance on August 17: 'Quilapayún, más allá de la canción'. But there are side themes due to the many new and attractive Latin American films that could selected for screening. For example: 'the Olympic games' but also 'societal development' amongst other including three beautiful gay movies.

The gay movies
One of the films is a golden lion winner! (Venice 2015). This Venezuelan movie sketches the problems a man gets in when he decides to rent young men for sex. The Title is 'Desde allá' or 'From afar' in English. This movie has its premiere in the Netherlands and will be in the theaters this late summer. Then follows a Chilean / Argentinian movie: 'RaRa'. This true story treats the problems of two girls when their mother separates from her male partner and finds a new, female, one. Finally the Brazilian movie: 'e só há uma' (English title: 'Don't call me son'). A boy of 17 finds out that he was stolen from the hospital when he was a baby. He ends up with his biological parents who have searched for him for many years. His mother is put in jail. The androgynous boy cannot cope with his parents and gets lost in a world of luxury, parties, drinking and fights with his new parents. Two of the films will have Q&A's with the directors after screening.

The gay movies:

This winner of the Golden Lion in Venice tells about the emotional and sexual relationship between Armando, a 50-year-old man, and the seventeen-year-old Elder, the leader of a criminal gang. Armando picks up young boys off the street to take them home and pay them to undres  themselves. The encounter with Elder is different; although  Elder initially just wants Armando’s money, Armando keeps on investing in their relationship which eventually changes dramatically.

Friday 19 august, 20.00hr
Spanish spoken, Dutch subtitled

Pierre is seventeen and in the midst of his puberty. He plays in a band, has sex during parties and secretly dresses up as a woman. When Pierre finds out that he was stolen from the hospital by his ‘mum’ as a baby, his life changes drastically. His biological parents turn up and project their own ideals on their lost son. Pierre, meanwhile, has his own ideas of life. A fresh coming-of-age film that portrays budding homosexuality in a different way. Q&A with director after the screening.

Saturday 20 august, 18.15 hr
Portugees spoken, Dutch subtitled

RARA | CHILI (2015)
Sara is almost thirteen years-old and lives together with her younger sister with her mother and her new partner: a woman. When her birthday approaches, she faces a dilemma: where to celebrate? With her dad and his new wife, where everything is as it should be? Or with her two mums? A heart-warming and touching story about love, growing up, choices and acceptance when it comes to homosexuality. Q&A with director after the screening.

Saturday 20 august, 21.45 hr and sunday 21 august, 12.15 hr
Spanish spoken, English subtitled


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From 17 - 21 august

Lantaren Venster
Otto Reuchlinweg 996
3072 MD Rotterdam 

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