January 29, 2020

You haven’t really experienced gay night life in Rotterdam without having been to the Keerweer! For years Café de Keerweer – named after the street the cafe is situated on - has been one of the most well-known gay bars of Rotterdam. Although the Keerweer opens its doors as early as 16.00 the fun really starts after midnight.

Loge '90

February 07, 2020

Gay bar/café Loge ’90 is conveniently situated in the centre of Rotterdam. Just a stone’s throw away from metro station Beurs. Loge ’90 is opened daily from 2 PM until 1 AM. On Fridays and Saturdays the doors close at 2 AM. Its main demographic consists of older people. But a younger crowd can also be found at the café. All sorts of people drop by for a coffee or a drink. Whether it’s before or after a shopping trip, after work or in the evenings.  

The 1st Queer & Feminist Poetry Awards will take place on September 27th and will award poets and spoken word artists from across the Netherlands whose works talk about LGBTQ+ identities and feminism.

Luis Bracamontes is a queer Mexican spoken word artist and digital marketeer.  He is the founder of Unwanted Words, a queer spoken word initiative, and organizer of the first Queer and Feminist Poetry Awards in Rotterdam.

Lamin Barrow is a young Spoken Word artist and fashion illustrator from The Gambia. Lamin is on a journey to become a Dutch citizen and start a fabulous queer life in The Netherlands. Lamin recently joined the Rotterdam based Spoken Word collective Unwanted Words and sends a Spoken Word a day to all his subscribers.

The Hang-Out 010

August 26, 2020

Do you ever think about things like sexuality, love, sex and relationships? About what it's like to be gay, bi or lesbian? How it would be if you were a boy or a girl right? Or neither? Then you are always welcome in The Hang-Out 010 ...

Unwanted Words

August 27, 2020

Unwanted Words is the platform for up & coming queer poets and spoken word artists in Rotterdam and around. They host a monthly series of Queer Poetry Nights in Rotterdam.

Unwanted Words goal is to offer safe spaces for LGBTQ+ people to share their art, their stories and for a queer audience to connect and celebrate each other.

Created in September 2018, we have gone to host 11 events with a full house, collaborated with over 40 local and international poets and artists with zero budget, just a team of enthusiastic volunteers and several partners that have supported the project pro-bono.


Read more about Unwated Words in our article with founder Luis Bracamontes.

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