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LGBT Societal

by Alex van Hulst
Gay010 organisations

Rotterdam knows many organisations active in the societal field. From counseling to sports, from guidance for 'pink' elderly people to youth activities. And everything in between. These organisations find each other within the partner organisation Gay010, however, they also operate individually.

COC Rotterdam

This organisation cares for the interests of the LGBT group in the region. COC is a national organisation with also representation in Rotterdam. In this city the organisation has about 450 members and it provides to the public information, counseling and advice about all aspects of homosexuality. Besides, regularly social activities are organised such as drinks and gatherings. In Rotterdam COC is situated at the Schiedamsesingel 175.

RotterdamV is the city's knowledge center in the field of LGBT emancipation. The organisation focuses on training and advice for professionals of city district organisations. The objective is for primary-professionals to recognize and prevent discrimination directed to LGBT-clients. Besides this, RotterdamV also itself offers counseling.

Ketelbinkie is the LGBT sports organisation of Rotterdam. Having almost 300 members active in 8 different branches of sports, this organisation belongs to the larger omni-sport clubs in the Netherlands. In this club, delivery of performances goes hand in hand with socialising. Everybody is welcome, wether gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender or heterosexual, as long as the clubs' ideas are supported.

Humanitas Rotterdam / Roze Salons
Humanitas Rotterdam is supporting "pink" elderly people in the city. The organisation offers guidance as well as nice activities for this group. The Roze (pink) Salon Rotterdam is one of the events where 'pink' elderly persons gather in a casual atmosphere. Recently this event celebrated its fifth anniversary with a joyful party at the Bergweg location of Humanitas.

The Hang-Out Rotterdam
Literally and symbolically the 'youngest' member of Gay Rotterdam. The 'Hang-Out 010' is the place where LGBT-youngsters of Rotterdam and it's surroundings find a safe 'living room' where they can completely be themselves. In it's short period of existence 'Hang-Out 010' has already proven to be a creative hotbed for many activities in town. For example, the idea for the successful Pride Walk during the Rotterdam Pride originated there, and the group organised the Coming Out Day on the eleventh of October.

Erasmus Pride

Erasmus Pride is the LGBT network for staff and students of the Erasmus University Rotterdam and the Erasmus Medical Centre. By having this network and by organising various educational and social activities, Erasmus Pride wants to promote emancipation of this group within both the University and the medical centre. To this, Erasmus Pride closely cooperates with organisations like Rainbow City and The Hangout010.

Roze Vieringen Rotterdam
The initiative group Roze Vieringen (pink celebrations) Rotterdam organises ecumenical celebrations in the Paradijskerk in Rotterdam. This is done on a quarterly basis. A network of pastors take their turn in leading the celebrations. These services draw interested persons from various religious backgrounds. Some of these persons are active in their own church, but many visitors have for years not seen the interior of a church. The objective of this initiative is particularly to offer Rotterdam LGBT's a religious 'home' and to provide them support to freely express their faith.

Radar undertakes to establish a society where everyone has equal chances. Radar promotes equal treatment and helps to remedy cases of discrimination based on skin colour/region of origin, age and (of course) sexual preferences. 

TransHealth wishes to contribute fundamentally in breaking social taboos related to gender diversity. The organisation pursuits full social acceptation and equal treatment of all transgenders, gays, lesbians, bisexuals and with an intersexual disease. The pushing power of the organisation is the ideal to create 'unity in diversity' on all levels of society, so that nobody gets excluded, and that each authentic and unique individual can just be comfortable.

The above discussed organisations have united themselves in Gay010, the bimonthly gathering discussion group, where the participants organise and discuss joint events.

Photography: Stock.
Translation: Teun Botterweg.


Posted by damian dukaloo on
Ik ben sinds kort verhuisd naar de Obreenstraat 27 in Rdam om de hoek zit een een ltghb cafe 010. Ik ben er zelf nog nooit geweest is meestal dicht en er wonen veel niet discriminerend bedoeld maar veel moslim gemeenschap. En ik ben ongewenst word weg gepest en ben nog maar voor de helft uitgepakt. Zouden jullie mij kunnen helpen om hier weg te verhuizen zo snel mogelijk voel mij onveilig hier en de politie doet niks de buren hebben beweerd dat ik niet in orde ben en de politie hebben zij dat ook wijsgemaakt.
Posted by damian dukaloo on
Posted by bilal on
hi sorry i need help whyt lgbt but i speak juste french and i do no where is possibel i have a renseignement for help thanks
Posted by Paolo Virgili on
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Posted by Semoon Fraser on
Hi good afternoon my name is semoon Fraser I'm here Rotterdam 1 month now I'm just looking for gay lesbians to hang out with and there's one have a drink and talk and exchange ideas on stuff this email address thank you for your time wish to meet you soon
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What does Gay010 do?

Under the banner of Gay010 its partner organisations jointly realise projects in Rotterdam and it's surroundings. An example is the annual Gay010 New Years gathering, and also for projects like 'Pride House Rotterdam' (during the Olympic Games in Sochi) and the crowdfunding action for LGBT-refugees the organisations know how to find each other.